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A Challenge to Reward the Environment & Ourselves

Recently, we have been discussing ways in which to reduce the amount of waste we create on a daily basis. We eventually figured that one of the best ways we could begin to reduce our waste would be to start with our patients. So we came up with the plan to create stamp cards, where patients will need to bring in a reusable water bottle, hot travel mug, tote bag, or reusable straw in order to receive one stamp on their card. Once the stamp card has 10 stamps filled out you will receive $10 off a foot soak with Liz!

For the months of November-January we will be asking that patients bring in a reusable water bottle or hot travel mug and opt out of using the paper cups that are available in the clinic. Our hope with this is that patients will use their own water bottle to refill from our water jug or use a hot travel mug for the hot tea that we have available each day, and our clinic will cut back on the amount of paper cups we throw away.

Help us in creating a more environmentally friendly clinic! Small steps to become less wasteful can still make a large impact in helping to clean up our environment.

Check out our flyer above for more information on the stamp cards and don't forget to pick one up on your next visit with us!

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