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Let the Changes Begin!

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Yuma, Arizona 2017

I moved to Yuma on January 20, 2017 to be an employee at the clinic of Southwest Integrative Wellness. This meant closing my practice in Colorado and selling everything I owned to move to a city I knew nothing about. I took it on faith it would be a positive environment and an excellent opportunity for change and personal growth. And boy has that came true.

My first day in clinic was January 23rd. I wasn't the only new employee, I was notified of dramatic staffing changes one week before I moved. It was a bit of a red flag but once you commit to change, you commit, right?

Within 2 weeks my new employer announced she was going to close the clinic and move to Canada and take care of family. This is what I'll refer to as a Red Hot what the Hell Change.

Think, Feel, Change . . . .She takes a short vacation and comes back with papers prepared - an offer to be released from the clinic - of all debt and responsibility - retire and move out of the country. Did I want to take over the clinic? She wanted out and was ready for change because you know, when you want change so bad, you just do what it takes to make that change.

OK. I'll grab the opportunity, absorb all the good, the bad, the debt, the assets, the unknown. Once you commit to change, you commit, right? Why not? I honestly had every reason to believe that I was brought here for a reason, I knew I would grow to love the community, and the beach (and my daughter) is just over the hill. Life is good and I say Thank you. I'll take this change and have another serving.

This change came direct from Elyse Tera. She created Acupuncture of Yuma and it blossomed into Southwest Integrative Wellness by hard work and intent to create an exceptional wellness practice for the community of Yuma. This was no easy task and I believe she put in no less than 10 years here in Yuma. She successfully educated the public about Eastern Medicine and treated thousands of people over the years and the people respected her, and appreciated her hard work, knowledge and skills in healing. When she left, she had 2 part time massage therapists on staff, a new front desk assistant, and former nurse who provided health and nutrition consults, meditation, breath work classes, a part-time Fitness instructor, and me.

The practice I walked into had employees coming and going and a steady stream of patients, a lot of confusion and hope for the new year. The location was noisy and the building was old.

April 2017 I became the new owner of Southwest Integrative Wellness. Every change has a story and in this story the change came in 69 days. I read somewhere Smart People Choose Change. I think we both made an excellent decision and our lives are moving forward as we designed.

Today the practice has completely changed.

Stay tuned for my next post ... If you've got the time, we've got the change!


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