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Change is good!
As many of you know, I closed my office doors for 4 weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.  Once I opened back up our hours were much reduced due to low patient volume.  My business like many others was greatly impacted and by the end of February 2021 I had to move my clinic once again.  
Today I am located in a great space in Downtown Yuma with great neighbors and wonderful atmosphere!   
I am in the process of automating my front desk so patients can schedule online and calls will be returned within 24 hours.  Soon products can be purchased online as well!
On entrance, I am still asking for patients to still wear a mask until further notice.  Not everyone has been vaccinated, and doesn't want to be - I respect your choice - but until  our numbers in Yuma stabilize and continue to diminish, wearing a mask indoors  and social distancing still apply.  
 Your overall health and safety is my absolute highest priority!  We'll get through this together!   We're almost there!
Got Vertigo?
Have you been struggling with Vertigo and found no relief?  Try this exercise if you can't get in to the clinic!   Here's the link:
Dry Eyes?
I am now stocking a new  product called LipoVision. I have used it for a week now and the results are amazing! LipoVision was originally created by Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, to help alleviate pain and suffering from miserable symptoms of Dry Eyes.LipoVision is a blend of organic oils that help with cataracts, dry eye, allergy eyes, post Lasik surgery, and for relief from irritation from high eye pressure medications.Most dry eye drops are water-based. One drop in each eye is all it takes and results are usually seen in days.Stop in and purchase a bottle for $35. For more info about the product, or follow this link
Facial Rejuvenation
Individual Treatment $150.00  

By purchasing a package you save $$
package of 12 = $1440.00
package of 24 = $2880.00

You wont find prices like this ANYWHERE for the VALUE we offer here.  You receive a FREE acupuncture treatment plus a complete Facial Rejuvenation treatment that includes Facial Cupping AND Gua Sha.  
Individual Treatment $275.00
Package of 4 $1000.00
(must be complete in 4 months) 
Package of 6 $1450.00
(must be complete in 6 months)

Includes Apple stem cells, collegen and elastin builders and carefully crafted serums.  Includes working on scars, eye bags or dark circles, age spots, etc.

Vision Disorders
I have completed my Certification  in the Micro 48 system to treat vision disorders.  This system gets results!  
I offer treatments for:
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Dry Eye
By purchasing a package 
YOU SAVE THOUSANDS and that's not even counting the additional cost of travel and hotel to go somewhere else!
2 Weeks, 20 Treatments  $3000.00
1 Week, 10 Treatments    $ 15000.00
Cosmetic Acupuncture!
Facial acupuncture (cosmetic) can increase muscle tone, decrease puffiness around the eyes as well as bring more firmness to sagging skin, enhance the radiance of the complexion and flesh out sunken areas.  Fine wrinkles will disappear, deeper ones reduced.  This treatment is not confined to the face but incorporates the entire body and constitutional issues of health.  No Toxins, and No Side Effects!
I LOVE my new office! 
I relocated to downtown Yuma.  My new address is:
10 W. 3rd St.
Look for a green building with white trimmed windows!
New Patient?
Click here to fill out our new patient forms or call our office and have them emailed to you!
What services we offer...
Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promoter natural healing and improve function.

FEAR OF NEEDLES? Did You know?

 You can fit 20 acupuncture needles into 1 standard hypodermic needle!  ACUPUNCTURE DOESN'T HURT!


FEAR OF NEEDLES? Did You know?

 You can fit 20 acupuncture needles into 1 standard hypodermic needle!  ACUPUNCTURE DOESN'T HURT!


Located in Downtown Yuma at 10 West 3rd St.
Yuma Arizona

Blue Fireworks


Monday    Closed
Tues - Thurs 10a - 5p
Fridays 10a - 4p *

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