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Dry needling is a term invented in the last few years by individuals in other health care professions who recognize the value of needling techniques but don't want to go through the vigorous training to become acupuncturists.
Dry needling is the insertion of acupuncture needles into a person to cause a healing response - the same definition as acupuncture - and is one of several styles of acupuncture that has been taught for thousands of years.
A person practicing dry needling may tell you that it is different from acupuncture because it is "western" and "science based" - BUT they neglect to tell you that contemporary American acupuncture is also "western" and "science based".  They may tell you that acupuncture is based on voodoo and unscientific principles, even though there are thousands of documented studies proving acupunctures efficacy.
Dry needling is not a regulated health profession in Arizona, and there is currently no oversight in its training or implementation.  For example, a physiotherapist can take a weekend class and start sticking needles into patients with barely 20 hours of training.  People who have had dry needling from a provider who took a weekend class have reported severe discomfort and pain during and for hours after a session.  Significant bruising, bleeding has occurred as well as documented cases of punctured lungs and other organs as a result of dry needling.  
If you are offered dry needling by a health care provider who is not a licensed acupuncturist, please do your research.  If you are at all uncomfortable, you have the right to refuse receiving dry needling while still availing yourself of other other services provided by that health care provider.



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